Setting up a Hotels Page for your Registration Site

A Hotels page on your EventMobi Registration site can help attendees in planning their stay while they are registering for the event. To enable the Hotels page for your registration site, follow the instructions outlined below. 

Creating your Hotels Page

  • Visit the Hotels page of the Registration area in the EventMobi Registration platform

  • Select Add new hotel and enter in the following information: 
    • Hotel Name
    • Website Link
    • Coordinates (Latitude and Longtitude)

An automated Google search will make suggestions when entering in the Hotel Name and Coordinate fields, however, these can be adjusted as needed. 

Note: Leaving the Coordinate fields blank will remove the map displayed on the registration form. 

  • Choose the I provide a reservation link option if you would like to include a link that will direct attendees to the hotel website to book their hotel stay

  • Choose the Attendees can book their rooms option if you would like to allow attendees to book for a room during the registration process. You can set up the prices and quantity by either clicking on Add Room Type or Add option

NOTE: The cost will not be charged during the registration process and has to be paid separately (i.e. directly at the hotel or through another method).

Using the Hotels Page

Once the Hotels page has been enabled and built for your registration site, it can be accessed from the third step of the registration process. 

Once the attendee has selected a hotel from the dropdown menu, the map on the Hotel page will update to reflect the location. Attendees will also be asked to input their arrival and departure dates. 

It is important to note that the attendee will not be asked to pay for their hotel booking during the registration process - this will need to be handled onsite and/or prior to the event via alternative methods. 

The hotel selections that have been made by the attendee, however, will be visible from the Attendees area of the EventMobi Registration platform.