Is The EventMobi App Compatible With All The Other Features In My Package?

Downloading from the App Store
The EventMobi app can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play to allow your attendees to access your event information easily. Each event you create will have a Smart Launch page assigned that will make it even easier to direct them to your event information. The URL assigned to your event will follow the format

Downloading from the App Store

Users who have not yet downloaded the app will be directed to the appropriate app store for their device type so that they can do so. If the app has already been downloaded to an iOS or Android device, then the event information will launch automatically. 

When the Smart Launch page is accessed from a PC or Windows device, it will direct to the web based version of the app instead. This can be installed to the device by creating a shortcut that lives on the home screen. 

Are There Any Features That Will Not Work With The EventMobi App?
The app functions just as it always has, and as we continue to develop our features, you can expect to see some more enhancements! Our policy has always been to deliver what value we can, when we can, and to work collaboratively with you to develop the solution in a way that best addresses your needs.

That said, one feature not supported entirely by the EventMobi app is White Label, which is used to mask EventMobi's branding on the app and to reinforce your own branding. The EventMobi app is branded to EventMobi and we are also shown as the app's developer in each app store. At this time, the branding and listed developer cannot be customized or updated. 

Are There Any Features That Are Exclusive To The EventMobi App?
Unique to the EventMobi app, is the option to send out push notifications. This provides you with the ability to have an announcement pop up on the user's device screen even when they are not actively using the app. This option is available specifically to iOS and Android device users who have downloaded the EventMobi app, and have permitted push notifications to be received on their device. The user can choose to update the status of this permission at any time within the device settings.