Is The EventMobi App Available In All App Stores?

The EventMobi app is available for download in the Apple App and Google Play stores. Users who do not already have the app downloaded to their device can do so using the Smart Launch page assigned to your event, which will launch your event information automatically once the download is complete. The Smart Launch page URL for your event will follow the format

Attendees that wish to access your event information on a browser, Blackberry, or Windows device will be directed to the web based version of the app. The app can then be installed as a shortcut on the home screen to allow users to access it without having to input the URL each time.

Push Notifications
One benefit of the EventMobi app is the option to send out push notifications. This allows announcements you are sending to display on the device screen even when the app is not actively in use. When creating an announcement, you will notice that a toggle to send as Push Notification is available. Push notifications will only be sent to users who have downloaded the EventMobi app from the Apple App or Google Play store - all other users will receive the announcement once the app is opened.