How To Upload Attendees To EventMobi Registration

Uploading registrant information may be required in cases where you are looking to allow an attendee, or multiple attendees, to bypass the registration process. 

Within the Attendees area found under General in the EventMobi Registration platform you will find a page icon available that will be used to Import Attendees

Using the template that is downloaded from this option, you can input the registrant information, and then Import to save your changes.

Note: Do not modify the column of the Excel template as this will generate an error when attempting to import to the EventMobi Registration platform. 

Once you have imported the Excel file, the people in the list will automatically be registered for your event.  It is important to note that these registrants will not receive a confirmation email, and this communication will instead need to be sent out manually. 

When adding information to the Category and/or Options columns in the template, make sure that the name you are using matches the one used in the EventMobi Registration platform exactly. 

Note: Attendees that are manually uploaded will not be synced over automatically to the EventSpace.