How To Remove/Hide Apps From Sale

Your event is now over or maybe your app has been approved but you're not ready for it to be live in the app stores for users to find it! Keep on reading for the steps to remove/hide your app from both the Apple and Google Play stores.


  1. Log into your App Store Connect account at
  2. Go to "My Apps" and click on the app you're looking to take down.
  3. Go to the Pricing and Availability tab under Monetization.
  4. On the lowest part of the page, choose "Remove From Sale" then click on Save.  

Google Play:

  1. Here are four easy steps to remove your app from the Google Play Store:

    1.  Log in to Google Play Console  with your developer credentials.
    2. Click on the app you want to unpublish.

    3. Under the Release section, click on Setup, and select Advanced settings.

    4. In "App Availability", click on the Unpublish button and Save.

The apps should be removed within 24 hours! 

Ready to Make it Live Again?

If and when you decide to make your app go live again, you can go back to these steps and switch back to step 4 for each store.


4. Under Availability > Choose "All Territories Selected" > Save 

Google Play:

4. Under App Availability > Choose "PUBLISH" > Submit Update