How Long Can I Continue To Access My Event Space After My Event Ends?

Your Event Space will be accessible to attendees for 7 days after your event has ended. This time offers you the opportunity to share important reminders and content like post-event surveys, presentation slides and documents. If needed, an additional 90 days of access can also be purchased with your event package. 

If you have selected our Community option, then your Event Space will be available for a full year from the date of activation. 

Event Organizers will continue to have access to the Experience Manager and the event after the event has expired, however, edits to the content of the event will not be possible the event ended. 

What will attendees see when they visit an expired event?
Attendees that are visiting an expired event will be directed to a page that notifies them that the event has ended. This page will also offer a link where organizers can log in to view the Event Space - only email addresses listed as an organizer for the event will be permitted to access once the event has expired. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 12.41.10 PM

The lock screen text can also be customized from the Post-Event Lock Screen Text field available in the Security tab found under Settings of the Experience Manager.

Experience-2-Post Event Screen Text