Downloading your Livestream Sessions from the Video Library

Livestream video content shared from your virtual sessions can be easily accessed from the Video Library of your Experience Manager. Here you will find a recording for each session that you delivered using the Custom Livestream or EventMobi Studio Video Experience types. 

Livestream videos will be generated each time that a new stream starts and finishes. Videos will  will automatically be recorded and will appear in the Video Library within 30 minutes of the livestream ending.

Once your video is available, you will have access to a Download option to export your video file. In addition to this, you will see the following details in your library: 

Thumbnail: A thumbnail will automatically be generated for your video. Hovering over the thumbnail will produce a preview of the video. 

Video Name: This will correspond to the Session Name and will include a numerical value that represents the time in UTC. 

File Size: This will indicate the size of your video file. Your file will be offered as an mp4 in H.264 codec in 720p. 

Created Date & Time: This will represent the date and time that the video itself was created, and will not match the session times exactly. 

Expiry Date: This is the date that access to your video file will expire. 

What happens to video files after the Expiry Date?

Videos will be available to download for 90 days from the date of the video file creation, after which time they will be deleted from Experience and will no longer be accessible. 

Deletion of videos will occur at 23:59:59 GMT on the Expiry Date listed in the Video Library. 

Is there a maximum size for video files?

There is no limitation on the video file size itself, however, video duration will be limited to 12 hours each. 

What is the highest resolution available for video files?

Video files generated for your livestream sessions will be available in 720p, even if the session itself was delivered in 1080p. A resolution of 720p is the most suitable for various device types, and offers a more consistent experience to your audience. 

Video that is streamed in a resolution lower than 720p will not be available to download directly from the Video Library.

Please contact Support to request your video file if needed.