How Does Attendee Messaging Work?


Attendee messaging provides an easy way to network and communicate with others who are also at the event, and is included in all app packages that offer Attendee profiles. 

How Do Attendees Message Each Other?
Users will need to log into the Attendee Dashboard (right hand menu) of the app to chat with others using the Messaging option found in the Favourites area. Here they will find an option to Start A New Conversation, and to reference any ongoing conversations. 

From the Start a New Conversation button, users will be directed to a list of Attendees that they can send a message to. Conversations can also be started directly from the Attendee section of the app by selecting a profile and using the Send them a Message button

How Do Attendees Receive Messages?
Attendees who have received a message will be notified within the app. The Event Feed at the top of the app will indicate when a message has been received, and will populate a menu where the user can see these details at a glance and/or access the Message directly. Attendees who have accessed your event information from a custom branded app, or the EventMobi Universal app will also receive a push notification each time they are sent a message. 

Users will also receive an email notification if they are receiving a message from an attendee for the first time, and they are not in the app at the time that it is sent. If users happen to have the app open when it is sent, they will not receive an email notification. 

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Can Messaging Be Disabled?
App users who do not wish to receive messages through the app can disable this option directly from the Attendee Dashboard. Using the cog icon, they will have access to enable or disable messaging, along with email notifications for messages.


Disabling Messaging & Meetings

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Notice when Attendees disable Messaging & Meetings

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