How Do I Use The App?

Accessing The App 
Accessing the app is as simple as entering the app URL in your internet browser or, if the planner has decided to provide it in your device's app store, finding it there. 

On Your Browser
In most cases, this URL has the following format: Once you have accessed the app, it will store itself automatically in your browsing cache, making itself available for offline use. You will also receive a prompt to add the app to your device's home screen. The process for doing this depends on your device and browser, but it usually involves clicking the browser's menu button and choosing the option that sounds most like "Add/save to home screen."

Click here to download instructions for accessing the app and adding it to your home screen.

In The App Store
If the planner has decided to make the app available in your app store, you can click it below for more downloading instructions.

Apple App Store
Google Play

If you use a different app store, please refer to the instructions above for accessing the app in your internet browser.

Using The App 
EventMobi has put all the event information at your fingertips. When you first access the event app, you'll land on the Home screen where you'll find widgets, links, countdowns to important events, and any other features the event organizer has included. The most recent announcement will also pop-up on your screen and the last few announcements will remain in your Event Feed. You can also view an archive of the announcements that have gone out in the Announcements section found in the left-hand Menu pane. If you are having trouble navigating the app you can access App Help at the bottom of the Left-hand Menu. Helpful hints will appear to guide you through the use of the app and provide further explanation about what to do and where to find more information. 

To begin, you can click the Login icon in the top-right corner and enter your email to access the User Dashboard. Here, you can find your personal schedule, any notes you've taken, any companies you've added to your favourites, documents you've added to your collection, and your chat inbox. Click the Agenda button to access the sessions in your schedule. From within a session, you can add or remove it from your schedule and take notes. You can also take notes on speakers and companies from their respective profiles, and you can access your notes at any time by clicking Notes in your dashboard. From here, you can also send yourself your notes.

If you want to get to the content right away, access the event menu by clicking the Menu icon in the top-left corner. Here, you'll find a list of sections that contain all of your event content, from speakers and sessions to exhibitors and social media links. From there, just select the section you're interested in and navigate through to find the information.