How Do I Use The Event Space?

Accessing The Event Space

The Event Space can be accessed in a few different ways, depending on which options have been selected and purchased by the event organizer. 

On Your Browser

The Event Space can be accessed using the Event URL in a browser on any desktop or smartphone device. The URL format will typically follow, some events opt to use their own custom domain for this purpose (this is typically an add-on to your Event Package).

If you are using a mobile browser on a smartphone device, a prompt to add the event to your device's home screen will appear, which will help in caching the event information, and making it easily available to you the next time you would like to access it.  The process for doing this depends on your device and browser, but it usually involves clicking the browser's menu button and choosing the option that sounds most like "Add/save to home screen."

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In The App Store
The Event Space can also be accessed from the Apple App Store or Google Play through the EventMobi Universal App or a Branded App (this is typically an add-on to your Event Package). 

If the event organizer has chosen to use the EventMobi Universal App, then a Smart Launch Link can be distributed to attendees - this will take the format link will recognize the device type that the attendee is using to access the event, and will direct them to the version of the event that is best suited - for example, an iPhone will be directed to download the Universal App from the the Apple App Store and will open your event directly. 

If the event organizer has chosen to use a Branded App, then attendees will need to search in the Apple App Store or Google Play using the keywords for the event. This option will allow the attendee to download the event directly from the event organization's developer accounts. 

If you use a different app store, please refer to the instructions above for accessing the app in your internet browser.

Using The Event Space

EventMobi has put all the event information at your fingertips. When you first access the Event Space, you'll land on the Home Page where you'll find widgets, links, countdowns to important events, and any other features the event organizer has included.

If announcements have already been sent, then you will see the most recent one as a pop-up on your screen. Any additional announcements will be available to review within the Announcements section in the Menu to the left side of the Event Space. 

To the right side you will find an icon for your profile (this will display as an icon of a person or as your profile image depending on whether you have updated your profile already or not). Here, you can find the following areas that will help you in personalizing your event experience: 

  • An area to Edit your profile
  • Preferences area to adjust your settings for the Event Space
  • Badge that will offer a QR Code to scan into the event or sessions
  • An Agenda that will outline all of the sessions that have been added to your personal schedule
  • Companies that you have favorited within the Event Space
  • Notes that you have taken within sessions or company profiles
  • Documents that you have favorited within the Event Space
  • 1on1 Attendee Messages 

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If you want to get to the content right away, access the event menu by clicking the hamburger icon in the top-left corner. Here, you'll find a list of sections that contain all of your event content, from Speakers and sessions to Exhibitors and documents. 

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