How Do I Participate In Polls And Surveys?

Depending on how the event planner set up the response system, you may need to log in with your email before you can submit a response. If that's the case, just click the Login icon in the top-right corner to open the Login pane, then enter your email to log in.

Session Polls 
Session polls can be found at the bottom of session pages. To begin one, click Join Live Poll at the bottom of the page.

Once you've started a session poll, you can move from question to question just by selecting your answers and clicking Submit or by clicking on the navigation arrows to the left and right of the Submit button.


Ask A Question
If you see an Ask a Question button at the bottom of a session profile, you can submit pertinent questions and comments to the speaker, presenter, or event planner during that session. You can submit as many questions as you like and view the other questions submitted by other attendees. You can even vote for questions that you would like answered.

1. From a session page, scroll to the bottom and click Ask a Question to see the question list.
2. From here, click Ask a Question to submit your question.
3. Write your question in the text box provided and click Submit Question. Your question will appear within the question list.
4. To upvote someone else's question, click the circular upvote button to the right of the question in the list.

However, the organizer has the option to moderate the session's questions so, if you've asked something and it hasn't come up, it's possible that the organizer has opted not to display it for whatever reason. Be mindful of the session and the speaker, and make sure your questions are appropriate, on-topic, and polite.

Session Feedback 
Session feedback questions can be found embedded in session profiles. To submit your question, just make your selection or enter your response and click Submit. For star-ratings, clicking a star submits your rating automatically.

Event Surveys
Event surveys can be found in the Polls & Feedback section of your app. To respond, simply fill out the textbox, click the star rating, or make a selection from the provided responses and click Submit for each question.


Changing Your Responses 
Whether you can change your answers is up to the organizer for your event. If this functionality has been enabled for your event, you can refresh the page and change your answers as much as you like and only your most recent submission will be recorded. If not, your first submission is the only one that counts so think before you answer!

When you return to an answer that you've submitted, you should see your submission selected (if it's a multiple-choice question) or written (if it's an open-text question), and you can change it and resubmit on the same screen. You may have to refresh the page to have the option to submit again as, on some app views, the Submit button becomes unavailable after you've clicked it.