How Can I Create Channels For Group Discussion?

Group Discussions can be used to help in facilitating networking and engagement at the event. Channels can range to topics that are focused on education, creating relationships, or to offer a digital format to your sessions. 

As the organizer, you will be responsible for establishing the topics that will be discussed and this will be delivered in the form of channels. To establish channels, you will want to begin by selecting the Group Discussions option within the Event App product of the Experience Manager. 

Selecting the Add Channel option in green will allow you to outline the channel name, therefore outlining the topic(s) that will be addressed. Once a channel has been saved, you can edit or delete by selecting it from the list that is displayed. Additionally, you can use the Reorder Channels option to determine which order the channels should display. 

A maximum of 100 Group Discussion channels can be created to tie into the main themes and topics that your event addresses. Our recommendation is to aim for 5 of less channels when possible, to allow your attendees to participate in larger discussions where they can connect and network with others.