How And When Can I Access My Event In The App Stores?

Once your app has been activated, it can be accessed immediately. This can be done using the Event App URL in the browser of your device, or through the EventMobi app that can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Custom Branded Apps and Event Pages 

If you have chosen to create a Custom Branded App for your event, then you will have the option of distributing the app directly through the Apple App Store or Google Play by hosting it under your own developer account. The app can also be made available to distribute privately if need be. 

In order to make the app available for distribution using these methods, a file will need to built and provisioned by our Native App Release Specialist. The timeline to build, submit, and approve the app can take a total of 4-8 weeks, and should be taken into consideration with your anticipated launch date.