Data Sub-Processors

The following third parties are considered Data Sub-processors as defined in the EventMobi Data Processing Addendum and forms Schedule 1 of the Authorization for Appointment of Subprocessors.

Product Extensions

A walkthrough and tutorial tool embedded into the Experience platform. 
WalkMe A walkthrough and tutorial tool embedded into the Experience platform. 


Swoogo A full-featured registration platform with a tight integration built to UAPI.
Bridgeplex Supports various integrations built between 3rd parties on our API.


Eventbrite Registration platform - Our system will pull registrants from Eventbrite events into the People list.
Zoom Virtual Meetings & Webinars - The integrations supports linking out to existing Zoom meetings, primarily and simplifying the joining process.


Pusher Used for real-time web socket communication.
Stream Data and functionality for Session Chat, Group Discussions, Private Chat, and Activity Feed features.
Mux RTMP livestream platform
Whereby Simple video conferencing for Appointment Booking and Interactive Breakout Rooms Analytics platform - Custom events are sent to Keen from the Event Space and used to generate analytics reports. This is also used for the Experience Audit Log.
Google Analytics Used as part of analytics
Google Maps & Google Places Used in both the Experience platform and the Event Space
Sendgrid Transactional emails
Mapwize Interactive advanced mapping tool - Ued to support the Advanced Mapping Professional Service
Transifex Translation services


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • CloudAMQP - Hosted RabbitMQ
  • Github / Github Actions
  • NPM
  • MacStadium
  • Terraform


New Relic APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, Alerting
Splunk Centralized logging
Pager Duty On-Call management and notifications
Sentry Frontend centralized error logging


Mode Analytics

Directly access database to run queries for reports.

  • Used by the Support team to service client requests.
  • Used by the Product team to report on feature usage.


Runscope (now part of Blazemeter) API testing - Integrated into deployment pipeline.
Blazemeter Performance/Load testing 
JumpDesktop Remote access to MacStadium for Native build team and offshore resources
ngrok Expose local environment to internet


Stoplight Hosts UAPI documentation
Postman APIv2 documentation

Project Management

  • Jira
  • Confluence



Internal CRM tool - Integration supports automated free trial flow. 

Used by Support and Sales teams as CRM to managing customer accounts and offering Email and Chat support channels.

Used by Marketing for communicating with existing and prospective customers.