Creating Automated Emails for your Registration Site

Your EventMobi Registration can offer automated emails to those that are registering for your event, to help in sharing important information and to confirm their registration status. 

Visit the Content area to access the Automatic Emails page. Here you will find options for Settings, Content and Attachments. 


From the Settings area, you will find various options available for you to choose from.

Make sure to confirm that the checkbox for Send confirmation email automatically has been enabled. You will also have the option of enabling automatic emails for anyone that has been registered to accompany your attendee. 

To be notified of any automatic emails that are being sent to your registrants, update the toggle for Be in BCC of automatic emails


The Content area is where you can customize the message and design of the automated emails that your attendees will receive. From this area, you will find two different options that you can work with - Display Options and Explanation Texts

Display Options

In this section you will have the option of adding a header image and to select specific settings that will determine what information is displayed within the email. 

You will also have the option of incorporating a QR Code that will be shared with attendees from the confirmation page and confirmation email, once they have registered for the event. 

Note: The recommended width of your display image should be 619px and in one of the following formats: .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, and .png. 

Explanation Texts

This area allows you to customize the message that will appear within the email for the following options: 

  • Free Participation: Email that will apply to attendees who have registered with a free ticket. 
  • Online Payment Succeeded: Email that will apply when a payment has been successfully completed online. 
  • Online Payment Failed: Email that will apply when an online payment has failed. 


Note: The displayed text options will vary depending on if the registration is free or paid. 


The Attachments area is where you can include an item such as a badge, invoice, receipt or proforma within the confirmation email. 

Best Practices for Testing

To test any automated emails that you are creating, we recommend registering for your event. This will allow you to resend the confirmation email any time that changes are made. 

To send yourself a new confirmation email, visit the Attendees area and the icon with three dots to choose the Send Confirmation Email option.