Check-in Codes - Registration to EventSpace

The platform will automatically create Unique Identifier (UID) for each attendee once the registration is complete. To see this, go to General > Attendees > Attendee details > Essentials.

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This serves as the attendee’s identification in the system. Once their data is integrated to Experience Manager, their UID will sync over as Check-in Code

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This will be used to generate QR code for badges and App Check-in purposes.

How to enable the attendee QR code?

We have an option to turn on attendee QR code, make it visible at the confirmation page and attach it to the confirmation email. We can also customize its description.

To do this, navigate to Contents > Automatic Emails > Activate and display the QR code on the check-out page and automatic email > QR code for external check-in system (using attendee UID).

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Once enabled, it’ll show at the Confirmation Page

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It’ll also be attached in the Confirmation Email
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Check-in QR Codes or UIDs (unique identifier) can only be used for (Eventmobi App) Check-in purposes.