Can Speakers Appear in the Attendees Section of the App?

What if a Speaker is also an Attendee?
The People library of the Experience Manager makes it easier to recognize the various ways that people can participate in an event. Profiles no longer need to be created specific to the People type that you are displaying. Instead, you will create Groups to help you in filtering the profiles to their relevant sections of the app later on. Multiple groups can be assigned to a profile, making it incredibly easy to distinguish a profile as both an Attendee and a Speaker if necessary. Additionally, because sections can be filtered based on Role, a People profile that has been tagged as Attendee, but assigned the role of a Speaker in a session can be added to both sections of the app.

Can Speakers Edit Their Profiles From The App?
Logging into the User Dashboard of the app (right hand menu), allows users to edit the information for the People profile associated to the email address they have logged in with. The information will be updated in each People section it has been assigned to in the app - be it the Attendees section, Speakers section, or both.  

Can Speakers Network Like Attendees?
People profiles can network with each other through the app using the Send Message option. Because People profiles can exist as both Speakers and Attendees, users will have access to chat and network within both sections of the app.