Can People And Companies Fill Out Their Own Profiles?

Using Self-Edit Links

People generally like filling out their own profiles so handing them the reigns is a great option if you don't have all of the information for them (but at least their names and emails). You can do this for People profiles (Speakers and Attendees), or Company contacts by sending them self-edit links right from the Experience Manager. These contain links that allow them to edit up their own profiles, and attach resources (if included your app package).

  1. Access the library relevant to the profile you are creating (People or Companies), and add your profile(s) by selecting the Add option, or using our Excel templates. 
  2. Choose the Send Self-Edit Links option to establish who should receive the self-edit link, and the message that will appear in the email you are sending out.
  3. Send a Test Email if you would like to review what your self-edit links will look like. 
  4. When you are ready to send, select the Send Self-Edit Links option.



Right From The App
App users can also create and edit their own profiles through the app by logging in and clicking on the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the Login pane. 

edit profile 2