Can I Unsubscribe From Announcements And Email Communications?

When Do You Get Announcements? 
There are three cases in which you can get announcements sent from within the app:

  • If the event organizer has opted for a native app and you have downloaded it from an app store, you will likely get push notifications about every announcement.
  • If the planner has opted to accompany an in-app announcement with an email, it will go to anyone listed within the People library for that event.
  • If you have chat enabled and have received chat messages while offline, you will receive an email notification about them.

How Can I Disable Email Notifications?
You can disable announcements, chat, and their associated email notifications from within the app. When logged into the app, click the icon in the top-right corner to open your User Dashboard. Then, click Preferences to open your user settings. From here, switch the relevant toggles to the OFF position.

I Don't Want Push Notifications Either 
When you download the app, it will ask you for permission to send you push notifications. If you're not interested in receiving push notifications from the app, simply don't grant it permission to send them to you.