Can I Share Session Presentations, Posters/Abstracts, And Handouts In The App?

If your package includes document hosting, you will see a Documents area under Libraries in Experience, and a Documents tab in the top menu of each session, people, and company profile page.
Use the Documents Library
You can upload all of your documents into one central repository, where you can manage and update them. If you need to organize your documents into various groups to later display them in different Document sections, then we recommend starting off by creating your Groups first. 

Creating and Managing Groups
1. Access the Documents option under Libraries in Experience to enter the Groups area
2. Select Add Document Group
3. Assign a Name and Color to your group before selecting Save. 
4. Use the checkboxes to select multiple groups at once and delete when necessary. 

Adding and Managing Documents
1. Access the Document Library area.
2. Click Add Document and upload up to 150 files at once. 
3. Select Edit  inline to update the document name or the document group it is assigned to.
4. Select Download to save the document to your computer.
5. Use the checkboxes to select which documents you would like to delete, when needed.

Add Things Directly Where You Need Them
If you want to feature files directly on people, session, or company pages, you can just navigate to that page in Experience and upload them directly in place. (If you want to give your users one central spot to access a group of documents, skip ahead to the Document Section below.)

1. Navigate to the relevant Session, People, or Company profile and click on it to access the Documents tab within it. 


2. Select Attach Documents, and select from the Document Library or upload your file. 


On the app, your documents will be sorted alphabetically. By default, the document you've attached to your session or profile will appear on the app with whatever filename you gave it (including the extension). You can edit the document's name by clicking on it, and updating the Document Name field. 

Any document uploaded in place is also stored in the Documents Library. Once you have a document in the Documents Library, you can link to it from any other section that supports document hosting (i.e. a people, company, or session page, or within a Documents section).

Moreover, any changes to a document within the Document Library will take effect in any of the sections to which it's linked. That way, regardless of how many pages feature the document, you have one central place to manage it.

Self-Edit Links
People and companies can also attach documents to their own profiles and linked sessions. Once self-edit links have been sent, the relevant profiles will receive an email that allows them access to update their Personal Information, attach Documents, and include External Links.

Creating Documents Sections
If you want to provide your users with one central place to access a collection of documents or resources, the best way to accomplish this is with a Documents section. This is not to be confused with your Documents Library, which only you can see in the Libraries area of Experience.

1. Click on Event App within the Products list in Experience
2. Access the Sections area and click into the Documents item in your list.
3. Choose to include All Documents or Specific Document Groups you have established in the Document Library.