Can I Livestream in HD?

Livestream video that you are embedding into your virtual sessions can be offered in HD, however, it is important to note that while HD format will be transmitted to viewers, the overall quality of the video will be dependent on if they are using a proper computer and internet connection to support it. 

What does this mean?

Each viewer watching your session will automatically receive the highest quality of video stream that their network bandwidth can support. In the event that a viewer happens to have a weaker connection, the quality of the video may be downgraded in order to keep the stream running smoothly for them. 

The highest quality of video that a viewer can watch your livestream on will be based on the source video feed that is being broadcasted, which is typically 720p or 1080p. 

What can viewers do to improve the video quality?

While the computer and internet connection that your viewer has can play a big role in the overall quality of the video that they see, there are some things that we can recommend that help to ensure that they receive the best quality of video possible. 

  • Close any additional tabs or browsers that are not needed
  • Close any programs on the computer that may be taking up additional bandwidth
  • Turn off other devices or streaming services that may be taking from the available bandwidth
  • Remain within close distance of the internet router to ensure the best connection (or connect to the router directly)

To confirm if bandwidth may be contributing to the overall quality of the livestream video, users can use a speed test site such as to see their current internet speeds including latency and upload speed.