Can I Integrate Zapier with EventMobi?

Zapier is a tool that helps you to create a Trigger that will result in a specific Action. It is a great option in cases where you would like to have data flow from one solution to another. For example, connecting Zapier with EventMobi can help you to define when data in the Experience Manager should trigger something to happen in another solution, or vice versa, where something taking place in another solution can action a piece of data to be added to Experience. As an example, you could automatically add new attendees to your event to your CRM system.

Actions and Triggers from Zapier can be combined, or set as multiple in a row, to achieve the desired outcome, depending on the plan that you have selected (this option is not available with Zapier's free plan). 

The EventMobi Zapier Integration currently only supports 1 Trigger and 3 Actions.

What can the EventMobi Zapier Integration be used for?


Processing New People Data in Another Solution

Profiles that are added to the People library of the Experience Manager will be recognized by Zapier and set to process the data elsewhere. For example: a new People profile will automatically create a dataset for them in Hubspot and add them to a list.


Adding People

A Zapier trigger can be set to action a new profile in the People Library of the Experience Manager.

Adding Sessions  

A Zapier trigger can be used to create a new item in the Sessions Library of the Experience Manager. 

Adding Companies

A Zapier trigger can be used to create a new profile in the Companies Library of the Experience Manager.

What Fields can be used with the EventMobi Zapier Integration?

People Sessions Companies











start_datetime *



end_datetime *



location: label

social_links: twitter, facebook, LinkedIn



location: label





social_links: twitter, facebook, LinkedIn




Are there any limitations with the integration?

Before setting up your EventMobi Zapier Integration, there are a few things that you will want to be mindful of in terms of limitations: 

  • Zapier cannot use custom fields for any endpoint.
  • Groups, Tracks and other meta-information cannot be used as endpoints. 
  • Updating and changes between endpoints needs to be done using a multi-step Zap where data can be compared, deleted and re-inserted.

A note on data types

EventMobi’s API makes sure the data you insert is correct and usable in EventMobi. As a result, if you feed EventMobi with badly formatted data, EventMobi’s API will reject that data. You may run into this issue when using the ‘Add Session’ action in Zapier. Unlike in the Experience Manager or the Excel upload feature, where you set a session date, a start time and an end time, EventMobi is actually expecting a so-called “datetime” for the beginning and the end of a session.

If your trigger data does not have properly formatted datetime fields, you can always use Zapier’s Format action, to create a valid datetime from your input. In order to do this, you can create a new Format action, select ‘Date / Time’ as the Action Event. As Input, you select your respective date and start or end time, as “To Format” you have to choose YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ

In the “From Format” you can either select what format you’re providing the data in, or create your own. In the example below, we read the session date from two different cells in a spreadsheet in the format “year-month-day SPACE hours:minutes:seconds”, subsequently, we adapted the “From Format” to read “yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss”

Please always test this action before proceeding.

When connecting your respective fields in Zapier, please make sure to not use the original fields for dates, but the newly created datetimes from your action.

A note on groups

On our Zapier app, we allow you to add people to Groups. However, for technical reasons, we differentiate between Group names (what you or your attendees see on the Event Space or the Experience Manager) and their Group IDs. You can retrieve Group ID using the instructions outlined here.

Don’t know what your Group IDs are? You can instead use the Format Action and choose the ‘Utility’ option’ followed by ‘Lookup Table’. This will allow you to create a table with how your trigger system has groups formatted and their respective Group ID in EventMobi. That way, you can use Zapier to automatically “translate” your naming convention into EventMobi’s IDs. 

Where can I find documentation on EventMobi's API?

Visit to access our API documentation.