Can I Change My App Address Or Use A Custom Domain?

How People Get To Your Event Space

Your EventMobi Event Space can be accessed on any current internet browser and on the EventMobi Universal App.


When accessing the Event Space from a browser, attendees will enter your event's unique URL. Event Space URLs usually follow this format: (where "" is the domain and the Event Code is the part of your app's URL that distinguishes your event from others).

Your Event Code is set when you first activate your event, and we recommend that you keep it simple and easy for attendees to enter. If you need to change your Event Code after it has been saved, simply contact Support to let us know what you would like to change it to. 

EventMobi Universal App

Your event can be accessed on iOS and Android devices by downloading the EventMobi app from each respective app store. Once the app has been downloaded to the device, attendees can access your Event Space by searching for the unique Event Code that you have assigned.

Custom Branded Apps and Event Pages

If a Custom Branded App or Custom Branded Event Page is included as part of your app package, then users will have access to download your event information directly from the Apple App Store, or Google Play through an app listing under your developer account. This is done using a file that our Native Release Specialist has created and provided to your team. 

Updating the Event Code of your event app URL will impact users' ability to access your information once they have downloaded the app from the store. If a change to the Event Code is necessary, then a resubmission to the app store will be required. 


You can use a custom domain to replace “” with your preferred domain name. To accomplish this, you’ll need to create a subdomain (e.g., or by adding CNAME records that will be provided to you during the process outlined below.

Getting stated to add your Custom Domain to your Event in Experience Manager

Assuming the domain you want to use is, then is the base domain and are all subdomains you will do the following:

  1. In the Experience Manager, go to Event Space and click Settings
  2. Click the Custom domain tab.
  3. Click the Add custom domain button
  4. Enter your desired custom domain (e.g., : in the Custom domain field.
  5. After around an hour wait time, you will be presented with CNAME records that will need to be added at your domain host. These are custom generated for your domain. 

Please note:

  • A CNAME is a record type that you add to your DNS to maps a domain name  to another. The record is builds-up from a Name and a value part that could after you set up your DNS be displayed as the following example: CNAME
  • At some domain DNS service providers, you will eventually not need to copy the whole name we provided and the step how to configure the DNS setting may vary. If you are getting trouble configuring the CNAME entry, we provide for you. Please reach back to our technical support team over 
  • Once we show you the CNAME records you have to add at your DNS Configuration, it will need to be created within 72 hours, after which time the request expires, and you’ll have to start this process again.

How To Configure Your Custom Domain DNS

To use your custom domain, you will have to go to your domain host to point the domain to EventMobi using the steps below, e.g.,

  1. At your domain provider, or web hosting service, go to the DNS section to create your CNAME
  2. Add the two CNAMEs provisioned in Experience Manager for your custom domain.
    e.g., first entry: _c28cc2ea43a03ce1a38029e8278627c7  CNAME

    e.g., second entry: event CNAME

Note: we use as an example. Your subdomain can be whatever you like. We recommend using either your event code, or event.

  • Each DNS provider has its own configuration process, the steps, and term used to add or update a CNAME record  may vary. 
  • Once the CNAME records have been created, our system will check and once these are detected, both entries will show a green indicator and the domain will be ready to use. Depending on your provider, this can take anywhere from 1 hour to 48 hours.
  • If you have a website for your top-level domain (, then go to your web host (where your website is hosted) to create the CNAME record. If you don’t have a website for the top-level domain, go to your domain provider.