Can I Add More Sections And Links To My Menu?

Adding Sections To Your Menu
You can add more sections to your app at any time by accessing the Sections area of your Event App product in the Experience Manager. From this area you can create Folder, Agenda, People, Companies, Documents and Link sections by selecting the Add Sections option located at the top lefthand side. Once you have selected your section type you will have access to edit the icon, name, and what data will be displayed from the corresponding library (if applicable). 


Direct Links
Direct links are useful if you want to include buttons within your sections menu that link to something else. They can link to external pages, like your company website or a sponsor's website, or pages within the app. For example, if you wanted to create a button in the menu for a welcome message, you could create the welcome message page in the Event Information section and then use a Link section to link to it from your menu. As the final step, you will just need to hide it from within the Event Information section itself (if you don't want it to appear in both places) and you're done!