Building your Team


Moderators should be assigned to each individual session, their role is to be the voice of the audience and help facilitate discussions + Q&A. 



  1. Keep an eye on the chat in EventMobi (in your case optional)
  2. Be the voice of the audience, during the session ask the speakers questions from the audience.
  3. Hide questions after they've been asked and hide questions after the session is over


Speaker manager:

Main point of contact for all speakers - this person will be known to the speakers and coordinate all the technical details during the event. 



  1. Distribute links to join as a virtual speaker
  2. Remind speaker of key dates and times (ie. day they are speaking, start time)
  3. Be the point of contact for speakers during the event if they're having trouble joining the "virtual stage"
  4. Provide Q&A links to event moderators
  5. Conduct moderator training 


Virtual Producers

Responsible for streaming video content into the Virtual Space



  1. Collect necessary information from EventMobi
  2. Host an orientation to ensure all speakers and moderators are clear on how to access the space and have the appropriate technology (ie. mic and camera)
  3. Create a run of show with session start times and end times, transition slides, and breaks.