How can I customize the Home Page of the Event Space?



A well designed Event Space can make all of the difference when it comes to establishing your branding, and in setting the tone for your event. Design can help in making your event technology look professional, it can help in creating a wow-factor with your attendees, and it can help you to improve the user experience for your event - especially for virtual events that rely heavily on using technology direct attendees to sessions and connecting them with companies or other people at the event. 

The Home Page Designer provides you with all of the tools that you need to create incredible custom designs with ease - no design experience required. 

Designing Your Home Page
Adding a Banner can help to set the tone and theme of your event - since this image is located at the top of the Home Page, it is one of the first things that your attendees will see when they access the Event Space. Using this real estate on the Home Screen can help you to display your branding and logo to make the Home Page look customized and professional. 

When creating your Banner, you can choose to include an image and/or color to display. When both options are included, the background color will help to fill in any spaces that are not covered by the image that you are using. 

The Foreground image will display over the background image or color that you have selected - this image is a great place to include important details such as the event name, event dates, the timezone the event will take place in (virtual events), etc. 

If the image that you are using does not include all of the text that you wish to include on the Home Page banner, simply use the Overlay Text option to include these details. 


To update or edit the Banner for your Home Page, simply hover over the Banner area, and select the pencil icon that appears in the menu displayed. 


To customize the Event Space even further, consider adding a custom Background color or image to extend the design further down the Home Page.

If you are adding an image as your background, you can further customize it by selecting if the image should fill the screen, appear as tiled, or if it should stay fixed (to avoid it from scrolling with the content). 


The background for our Home Page can be edited using the Edit Background button found to the top left-hand side of the page. 


Adding Widgets To Your Home Page
Widgets allow you to create an intuitive user experience that helps to guide attendees to where they need to go to actively participate with your event - whether it is directing them to a virtual session, highlighting your speakers and stakeholders (sponsors and exhibitors) or encouraging them to join in on your event game or active discussion groups. 

The Home Page Designer is already set with some default options for you to use or edit as needed, including an area where you can offer a direct link to your livestream, to highlight your featured speakers and to showcase your top sponsors. 

To the top left-hand side of the page you will also find a button to Add Widget where you have the option to add more widget, or incorporate other types of widgets to your Home Page. 


To determine which widget is best suited for your event, use the following guide: 

Banner: Add a banner image or color to help in creating sections on your Home Page. 

Use an image to direct attendees to a page, section or website where they can find more information. 

Create a countdown to the start date and time of your event. 

Personal Agenda: 
Display upcoming sessions that the attendee has saved to their personal agenda (the user will need to be logged into the Event Space to confirm which sessions are assigned to them). 

Display a mini leaderboard to showcase the top 3 players of your game, outline the standing and points of the user, and provide direct access to your event game from the Home Page. 

Group Discussions: 
Display your top discussion channels and provide direct access from the Home Page. 

Google Map: 
Display a map to showcase where the event venue or your company headquarters are located. 

Include white space on the Home Page to help in breaking up your widgets. 

Widgets can easily be resized or edited using the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the widget. and moved anywhere on the screen by dragging and dropping into place. 


Previewing & Saving Your Home Page Design
Changes that are made to the Home Page will display as they will appear on the Event Space you are working on. At the top center of the page you will notice an icon for Desktop and Mobile that will help you to see how the design you have created will appear on both device types. Note that mobile offers a much smaller screen space to work with, which may result in some items being pushed further down the Home Page - this will depend on the number and size of the widgets that you have added. We recommend reviewing both the Desktop and Mobile Preview to ensure that your design looks good from both screen options before publishing to your event.

Once your changes have been applied, you can choose to Publish or Discard the updates that have been made to the Home Page. Navigating away from the Home Page before you have published your changes will act in discarding the design.

If another organizer has made changes to the Home Page at the same time that you have applied your updates then a warning will be provided once the Publish option is selected. Continuing with publishing the changes will result in overwriting the updates that have been made by the other organizer.




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