Where Can I Find Reporting For My Videos?


The Reporting area of your Experience Manager will offer an Analytics option that will provide you with an overview of the level of participation and engagement that happened during your event. A tab for Video will be available to provide you with further insight into who attended your virtual sessions, and how much time they spent watching the livestream or pre-recorded video. 

The data displayed can be adjusted to show you a specific date range of your choice, if needed, by selecting the Edit Date Range option made available at the top of the page and selecting your dates accordingly. 

Video Summary
The Video Summary area of your Video Analytics will provide an overview of your Top Videos, including: 

  • Total Views - The number of views that your videos received
  • Total Unique Viewers - The number of devices that the video was viewed from
  • Total Video Consumed - The number of video hours that were played 

Directly underneath the Video Summary chart you will find a list view available that will outline each the number of Views and Unique Viewers for each individual video. An Export option will also be located to the top right-hand side of the page where you can download all of your data to Excel. 


Audience Viewership

The Audience Viewership area of your Video Analytics will help you to further break down each video to see who has attended your virtual session, and how long that they stayed. 

To determine what data is displayed, use the Filter Date Range option to adjust the date range and timeframe accordingly, and then adjust the Video drop down to select which video you would like to review or select All Videos to see all of the data. 

Beneath the Audience Viewership chart you will see a list of Logged In Viewers that will include each viewer's First Name, Last Name, Email. Each of these columns will offer the option to Sort or Search so that you can isolate the information to a specific person. 

In addition to the Viewer's information, you will see the Video Name of the video that they watched and the Time Watched in minutes. The columns will include a sort option to help in organizing the data accordingly, for example to demonstrate which videos had the most or least amount of watch time. 

Your Audience Viewership data can also be downloaded directly to Excel using the Export option found to the top right-hand side of the section. 




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