What are some best practices I can give my speakers to prepare for my virtual event?


Presenting at a live streamed event is a new experience for many speakers and presenters. Here are some suggestions you can give to your speakers to help their presentations be the best that they can be!


  • If possible do not rely on wifi. Many devices can be connected to a wifi network, and live streaming requires prioritized bandwidth.  For this reason, we recommend plugging your computer directly into the router or modem with an ethernet cable. This will ensure a robust connection for your video.
    • If for some reason you are not able to connect your computer with an ethernet cable, consider restarting your modem and router about 30 minutes before the session. This will help to ensure a clean connection. 
  • Restart your computer and make sure any unnecessary applications are closed . Many live streaming applications can be resource heavy. In order to ensure the best experience, restart your computer about 20-30 minutes before you start presenting, and make sure that any unrelated programs or applications are closed.
  • Wear headphones. Audio can travel and echo in unexpected ways in a live streamed session. Make sure you are listening to the audio from any co-presenters by using headphones. This will prevent any feedback or echoing that might distract attendees.
  • Remember that the Computer Audio option provides better sound than a call in option. It might be tempting to use the call in option. However, the sound from the call in solution is often not as good as the  the computer’s audio.


  • Make sure you are well lit. And position your computer so that you are facing any light source. A light, or a window behind you will make you appear as a silhouette.
  • Consider standing for your presentation. Standing will keep your energy high and make your presentation more engaging.
  • Make sure you run through your presentation before the event. In front of your computer, do your full presentation. Maybe get a friend to watch, so you can practice everything from your preamble to sharing your powerpoint presentation.
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