New Features & Updates


New Feature: Content Visibility

Update released: February 25, 2020 

We have added the ability to make Event App sections visible to specific user groups. You will be able to set the visibility for each section to determine whether a logged in visitor can see that section. Any sections that are set to be visible to a group, will not be visible to anyone outside that group or how are not logged into the event app.



Update: Documents Library

Update released: February 25, 2020 

We have added new functionality to the Documents Library. You can now:

  • Filter documents by document groups.
  • Sort by document name or document size.
  • Edit document groups in a new way.
  • Improved pagination when there are several pages of documents.



 New Feature: Check-in Code

Update Released: December 16, 2019

Events can be now be configured by EventMobi staff to include a QR code for check-in use cases. There are 3 ways the value of the check-in code can be populated: people profile field in Experience, Excel import and using our API.

Learn more about using this feature here.




New Feature: People Profile and Activity Feed Image Export

Feature Released: December 2, 2019

People Profile Image Export

You can now export your People profile images in just a couple of easy steps, as well as download your Activity Feed images. 




New Feature: Settings Page

Feature Released: December 2, 2019

We have consolidated various Event App settings into a single section, where you can manage your event app settings, add a custom domain, and set your event app security settings.

In addition to the custom domain, and security settings, you can now set the default people section sort order (First name/Last Name), allow attendees to manage their own schedules, enable or disable the ability to tweet from the sessions, and more.




New Feature: Manage Profile Images

Feature Released: October 16, 2019

Event planners are now able to bulk upload profile images, match and crop them - all within a streamlined wizard. An auto-matching feature is built-in to pre-match profile images to attendees if the file name is the email address of the attendee.

You can find details on using this feature here.




Update: Push Notifications

Feature Released: October 15, 2019

Attendees are now able to receive push notifications for chat messages and appointments. This is enabled by default, and the attendee can opt-out of this feature from the attendee preferences page in the Event App (on the right-hand menu).




Update: Image Widget Library

Feature Released: September 18, 2019

A link to our image widget library has been made available to organizer as they build their Event App home page.. The image widget library offers planners with limited graphic design resources to quickly create beautiful looking apps. 



New Feature: Advanced Interactive Mapping

Feature Released: September 16, 2019

The Advanced Interactive Maps (AIMs) are available starting today. Advantages of AIMs include creating multi-floor venues, finding directions between locations, location search and much more. Pricing and packaging has been updated and AIMs will be included for Max Unlimited and Executive.

Learn more about Advanced Interactive Mapping here.



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