How to Add iFrames to the Event App


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Content can be seamlessly embedded into the Event App using our iFrames feature, and prevent attendees from having to navigate outside of the event app to access the information you are looking to share. This feature offers a great solution to embedding content such as:

  • Web-hosted videos (Youtube, etc)
  • Maps (Google maps, direction, or other interactive maps)
  • Weather sites 
  • Google Presentations

iFrames can be enabled using a Link section type that will display in the Event App menu, using the "Embed Link in Event App" checkbox. This content can also be made available from a Home Screen widget using a link to the Event App section with the iFrame link.



Embedding YouTube Videos

There are a few special instructions that will apply when you are looking to use the iFrame option to embed to YouTube content.

After you have accessed the video you are looking to embed within YouTube, you will want to select the Share option, followed by Embed, and copy the link that appears.


This link will then need to be added to the app using a Folder section type, by creating a new page rather than using a link. When creating the page, you will need to select the HTML editor to paste the embed link that you have copied.



Embedding Google Slides 

Using an iFrame to your Google Slides will allow you to easily share your presentation slides within the app. To embed this content into a Folder page, you will need to follow a few steps. 

After you have accessed the slides you wish to share, you will want to select File to find the option to "Publish to the web...". 


Once you have confirmed that the content should be published by selecting the Publish button in yellow, you will want to select the "Embed" option to copy the link that is available. 


This link will need to be added to a Folder section type by creating a new page. When creating the page, you will want to select the HTML editor to paste the embed link that you had copied. 


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