A Walk-Through of the Branded App Intake Form!


So you've either set up or are at least in the process of setting up your developer accounts - now you can get started on completing your branded app intake form and generating your images!  

Page 1:


App Assets Checklist: Don't forget to send these three images with your intake form! Check out this FAQ here to find the image requirements. 

Organization Name: Write your company name/the name of your developer account! 

Launch Date: When would you like to have your app live in the stores? 

Contact Email: Who on your team should we contact throughout the branded app process? Who's handling the submission process on your end that we'll be in touch with?

App Name: Keep this short! The app name will appear under the app icon when it's downloaded on their device, so keep this maximum 12 characters, otherwise it will crop out. If you'd like another app name to appear in the app store itself, that can be up to 30 characters. Let someone on our team know if you'd like a different app name in the store vs under the app icon! 

Screen_Shot_2018-11-02_at_3.png Here's the app name under the icon! 


Here's the app name in the app store listing!


Page 2:


Passcode: Do you have Security enabled on your app? If the passcode is enabled, please enter your passcode here. We will need it to get into your app to take screenshots, as well as Apple needs it to go into your app to review and approve it! 

Short Description: Keep it simple! What's a one-liner that describes your event? Or if you want to keep it extra simple, many organizers will write "Official EventMobi app!" Keep in mind the character limit is 50 characters. Please note: short descriptions only appear in the Google Play app store. 

Long Description: Explain your event and the app! Commonly, organizers will add a quick blurb of what the event is about, then add information about how the app is to be used for the event. 

For example: 

This is the official app for X event which is an event for _______. You can use the app to find the event schedule, meet and network with attendees, find the list of sponsors and exhibitors, and participate in polls and surveys! 

Keywords: These are words that users can search in the app store to find your app. We'd avoid using general words like "conference, event, 2018" because that will generate a huge list of apps for sure! Keep it targeted towards your company name, event name, acronyms for your company, etc. Please note: keywords are only for the Apple app store. 

Page 3:


Single Event or Multi-Event? Please pick ONE option! 

Single Event: If you're looking to launch your app to just one event/event app, choose that option and provide the event code for your app. Once users download the app, it will launch directly to the one event you selected. 

Multi-Event: If you have multiple events you want to host into one container app, then choose this option.

  • Event Code: What would you like the event code to be? When users are accessing the app on the web version this is what they'd enter. For example: /eventmobievents would be apps.eventmobi.com/eventmobievents, or just the company name "eventmobi" which would be apps.eventmobi.com/eventmobi. 
  • Header Name: Usually this is just the app name - EventMobi, EventMobi Events, etc. 
  • Branded Colours: Time to customize! Check out page 4 below to see where each of these colours will appear in your multi-event app. 
  • Event Codes: Enter the event codes of the apps that you'd like listed in your multi-event app. They will be listed by date. Feel free to choose a featured app if you want one to sit at the top of the list! 
    • If the event apps have passcodes, please enter them beside each event code, so we and Apple can enter the app to view. 

Page 4 and 5:

page_4-1.png page_5-1.png

Image Sizing: Here's where you'll find the specific image requirements and sizing that we'll need for your app submission! You'll also find exactly where the image will appear in the app. 

To find more examples of the image requirements, click here. 

You're All Set! 

Now you can send your completed intake form, plus the three images to for review! 



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