A Visual Refresh for the Event App


As of October 14, 2018 you may notice some visual improvements on your event app product.

1. A Streamlined Menu
We’ve modernized our menu by removing the gradients and lines, highlighting items when users hover over or select them, and moved the search bar down so it’s easier to find. The right-side menu for logged-in attendees has also been rearranged to match the main menu.

2. Logos & Banner Ads—Together at Last!
If you’ve uploaded both an event logo and banner ads, both will appear in the top left menu, instead of just the banner ads alone being shown. (If you have no banner ads and just a logo, nothing will visibly change.)

3. A New Default Home Screen 
The default colors and home screen widget images have been modernized for those who are using them. (If you've applied custom colors and graphics to your Event App, those will continue to be used. Only default colors or images will be updated.)

If you have any questions or concerns around how these changes may impact your Apps, please reach out to our Customer Experience team.    







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