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If you are looking to customize your event app home screen, but don't have a graphic design team to create custom images for you, give our Widget Library a try! We've created a series of themes that are free for you to use when you need it. Simply right-click, and select Save Image As for any images that you like to download to use for your event. 

Interested in having customized widgets created for your event? Reach out to your Account Manager for more information and pricing on our design services. 


Ask_a_Question.jpg       Awards.jpg       Gamification.jpg       Event_Calendar.jpg
Event_Info.jpg       Exhibitors.jpg       Group_Discussions.jpg       Know_before_you_go.jpg
Live_Polls.jpg       Hotels.jpg       Members.jpg       Partners.jpg
Polls___Feedback.jpg       Social_Media.jpg       Speakers.jpg       Activity_Feed.jpg
Agenda.jpg       Attendees.jpg       Companies.jpg       Documents.jpg
Hotels.jpg       Maps.jpg       Sponsors.jpg       Surveys.jpg



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