How Do I Order My People Profiles By Last Name?


By default, your People profiles are listed alphabetically by first name within the app. Since there are separate fields for First and Last Name, you can easily adjust the order by inputting each name into the opposite field - for example Surname would go in the First Name field to ensure that names are sorted alphabetically in this order. 

How can I adjust the order of profiles I have already added? 
Profiles that have already been saved to the People library can be easily be updated by exporting the People template and editing the content. 

  1. Select the Import/Export option found to the right hand side of the page. 
  2. Choose the Export People option from the dropdown menu that displays. 
  3. Click the Download People option. 
  4. On the template that downloads, rearrange the first names to display in the Last Name field and vice versa. Save your changes once this is complete. 
  5. In the Experience Manager, select the Import/Export option once again. 
  6. Choose the Import People option to upload your updated file. 
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