How Does EventMobi Registration Work?


EventMobi Registration allows you to gather and process your registrants easily, and then track attendance at the event thereafter using your Check-In App. The information collected through the registration system can be used to populate your attendee information on the app, or it can be downloaded for easy reference later. 

Creating Your Registration Site
From the Products list of the Experience Manager you will find an option for Registration available. Here you will have access to such things as build out your registration site form, establish your theme, and create tickets to your event. 

Registering For Your Event
Your registration site can be found at You can either publicize it so people can start registering or, send an email invite to target a select list of invitees. 

Registration and the App
As people complete the registration form on your registration site, they will be added to the People library.  These profiles can later be filtered into a People section that you establish within the Sections area of your Event App product.

Managing Payments and Refunds
EventMobi uses Stripe to allow you to accept fees and payments through your registration site, and all refunds and adjustments can be made outside of the registration system on Stripe as well. Our payment process is PCI Level 1 compliant and all the information passed between EventMobi and Stripe is encrypted via HTTPS, ensuring a safe and secure transaction every time. You can even offer tickets of varying prices (including free, or pay-at-the-door options)!

Tracking Attendance
At your event, use the Check-In option located under the Registration product to track attendance by checking registrants off as they arrive at your event.

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