How do I publish a Terms Of Use on my registration page and my event space login screen?


As you are collecting participants’ personal data using our platform, you are the ‘Data Controller’ under GDPR. EventMobi no longer publishes its own Terms of Use in your event app and registration.

You should publish Terms of Use that establish how they may use the event space. You may want to include terms and conditions for their participation in your event.

Note: If your event requires users to login to access the event app or you are using a Per-Attendee license, please contact our support team for assistance publishing your Privacy Notice.

To Publish a Terms of Use:

1. Access your event in the Experience Manager and click the new “Privacy and Terms” menu item, then click the Terms of Use tab. Terms of Use in the EventMobi platform are managed with a single, Full Text field.

2. Once you have entered your Terms of Use, click Save to publish them to the EventMobi platform. Attendees are prompted to agree to the Terms of Use before they are permitted to submit event registration or event app signup forms.

When Terms of Use have been published, they will be shown to attendees like this:


We have a template you can use as the model for your own Terms Of Use. *However, you should consult with your legal team to customize these for your event’s unique needs!*


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