How Can I Add Fields Of My Own To People Profiles?


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Custom Fields
Custom fields are standard text fields within People profiles that allow you to display and collect any information you like. 

In the top menu of your People library you will find a Custom Fields option where you can create and manage any additional fields you would like to use. 



How To Create Custom Fields
1. Select the Add Field option in green to begin creating a new custom field. 
2. Input the field name as you would like it to display. 
3. Select who can view the field. To make private fields, choose Organizers and Users Viewing Own Profiles. If you want to create a field that allows you to attach information to profiles for your own reference then select Organizers Only
4. Select who can edit the field. If you would like to give the user access to update the information from a self-edit email or the Attendee Dashboard then select the Organizers and Users Viewing Own Profiles option.
4. Add your field by selecting the Save Field option.


Your custom fields will appear in the profile below any default fields that are offered. When creating or updating profiles through the Experience Manager, you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page you are editing. If you are editing your custom fields using the People Excel template, they will appear as column headings following the contact information fields. Any fields that have been saved as a custom field will contain this text in brackets alongside the name you have established. 


Using the People Excel Template
It is important that any custom fields you plan on using for your People profiles are created in advance of downloading your People Excel Template. This ensures that a column for each custom field will be made available for you to add the data en masse. 

Adding a new column to the template without creating the custom fields in advance will result in an error message upon import. 

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