Step 4: Send Intake Form and Assets


Once you have created your Developer accounts and granted EventMobi access, you are in the home stretch! The next step will be to complete our Intake Form. If you have not received the form, please reach out to your Account Manager and they will be happy to provide you with this information.

Send this form over to Support and we'll take the process from there. We wanted to outline for you here more details on the information the form will ask you to provide. 

Need in-depth assistance with the intake form? Check out this FAQ for a walk-through!

App Assets

In order to submit your app on your behalf, you'll need to provide us with the following assets. Email these alongside your intake form to Support.

  • App Icon (1024 x 1024px) 
  • Start-Up Image (2732 x 2732 with safe space as shown below)
  • Google Play Feature Image (1024 x 500px) 





When we submit your app, we'll also take a number of screenshots for you. If you have any preference of the screenshots, please include this in your email to Support.
Otherwise, we'll take screenshots from the following areas: 

  • Event Listing (If Multi-Event) 
  • Event Details Page (If Multi-Event) 
  • Homescreen 
  • Left and Right Menu 

App Completion

In preparation for submission, our App Release Coordinator will review your app. In order for the app to be approved, you'll need to ensure that each visible section has content populated. This can be updated or additional content can be added during the approval process.  

Security Information 

Are you utilizing any of our App Security features? You'll need to ensure that you include this on the Intake Form as we will need to provide it to the app stores so they can review the application.

App Listing Content 

When submitting to the app stores, we'll also be prompted to provide the following: 

  • Short Description (Maximum 50 characters)
  • Long Description (Minimum 250 characters, Maximum 2500 characters)
  • Keywords (Maximum 30 characters each. Keywords can only contain letters, numbers, and at most 2 spaces)

Single or Multi-Event?

The Intake Form will also ask if you are submitting the app for a single event or multi-event. If you are looking for us to create an event listing for multiple events, please provide the information located on Page 3. 

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