What Should I Know About Registration Tickets?


Incorporating tickets into your EventMobi registration site provides an easy method to offering paid admission, or even to determine the type of registrant that will be attending.

Tickets are easily established within the Experience Manager, and can be set as free, or at a set cost. Additionally, you can determine how many tickets are available by offering an unlimited amount, or a set number for each ticket you establish. If your tickets are being offered at a set price, then you can also choose to offer a promotional rate using the Promo Code feature. This will allow for a percentage or flat rate discount when entered at the time of ticket selection. 

There are a few things that will need to be considered when using tickets for your registration site: 

Ticket Selection
One benefit to using EventMobi registration is that it will help in populating your People list, This is done by creating a profile using the details captured from each successful registration. To achieve this, it is necessary that registrations be completed one at a time so that the data collected is saved to the correct profile. Group registrations are not currently supported and will instead require that each individual is registered separately using a unique email address. This will also apply to ticket selection as the registration site will permit one ticket to be sold for each individual registering for your event. 

This same principle prevents additional tickets from being used to purchase add-on items, for example for special features or activities at the event. In the case that you are looking to offer this option to your registrants we recommend creating a separate ticket that includes the price for both the general admission, and the add-on that you are looking to offer. The description area of the ticket will allow you to provide additional detail as to what is offered in the purchase price outlined. 

When offering various payment options for your tickets, it is also important to note that a "Pay by Cheque" or "Pay Later" option is not supported at this time. A free ticket can be established to provide registrants with an option that will not require credit card payment, however the ticket will not restrict who can select it or gather any additional payment details. 

It is also important to note that ticket selections cannot be changed once they have been processed. In the case that a registrant has made an error, or has changed their mind then a new registration will need to be completed. Before doing so, the People profile associated to the registrant will need to be removed from the Experience Manager.  

Payment Processing
In order to offer paid tickets, a Stripe account will need to be created in advance. Once your account is set, you can then link your account details using the Payment Processor area of the Tickets section in your Registration product. This will allow for credit card processing to take place for any tickets you have assigned a cost to. The payment itself will not be processed or saved within EventMobi, but instead through the Stripe account you have established, For this reason, any refunds  or payment issues will need to be handled through Stripe specifically. Stripe will also be responsible for sending receipt of payment to your registrants once the credit card has been processed. At this time, refunds and receipts cannot be handled through the EventMobi platform as this data is collected and stored under your Stripe account. 

Sales Analytics will be captured for any free or paid tickets that have been selected by your registrants. Data will only be collected once a registration has been completed in its entirety, and will be accessible from the Sales Analytics area found under the Tickets section. Here you will have access to view how many tickets were sold (free or paid) and how much revenue was generated. 

It is important to note that the analytics displayed in this section are reflective of all ticket sales and will not take into consideration any refunds that may have been processed from your Stripe account. For this reason, you will want to take note of the number of refunds that apply to each ticket and take this into consideration when viewing your final numbers for sales and revenue. 

In this area you will also have visibility into how many times a promo code was applied to a ticket, and the revenue that was generated from these specific sales. At this time reporting on who used what promo code is not available within the Experience Manager, however a report can be generated at request by the Support team. 


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