If I Like The Layout Of A Certain Section, Can I Use It For Something Else?


While most of the sections on your app are designed to feature a specific kind of information, all sections are completely customizable and can be repurposed to suit your needs. Generally speaking, you should use the People section for lists of people (such as Speakers and Attendees) and the Folders or Companies sections to list anything else. You can add as many of these sections as you'd like, so don't be shy to try a few things out!

Customizing Your Sections
Customizing your sections is as easy as navigating to the Sections area of the Event App products, and clicking on the section you would like to edit by changing the name and icon.



Adding Sections 
If you want to keep your existing sections but you'd like some more to repurpose, you can also add as many of the sections that you're entitled to as you like. Just click on Add Section, and choose your section type from the drop-down menu. Once you have done so you can determine the Name and Icon that will used, as well as what information will be displayed within that section.



People sections are great for any person-related content because profiles in this section type contain a bio and social media information. Anyone you want to list can go into a People-section type. 

Some Uses:
- Attendees
- Speakers
- Keynotes​
- Artists
- Presenters
- Instructors
- Mentors
- Onsite staff

When creating the section you will have the option of selecting All People or Specific People Groups that you have added to the People library in Experience, or specific Roles that you have established in the Sessions library. 

Companies sections are typically used to house your sponsors and exhibitors, but are great for any other content you want to list. Within Companies sections, you can create groups that allow you to organize the items in your listing and give your attendees another way to find what they're looking for. To add groups, just access the Groups area of the Companies library in Experience and select Add Company Group to establish your group name and color. 


Groups can then be displayed within the Companies section type by following the steps outlined below: 

  1. Access the Sections option under the Event App product 
  2. Select Add Section and choose Companies from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter in the Section Name and Icon
  4. Click on the Specific Company Groups option to select any relevant groups from the drop down menu

Locations for items listed in a Companies section (which are established in the Booth field of each entry) are also linked to the Maps section of the event app. Locations on each profile bring users to the maps section, opening up the map automatically if there is only one.

Some Uses: 
- Restaurants
- Raffle items
- Sites of interest
- Event features

Folder sections contain pages and links that are great for displaying basically any type of information that you need to. Pages are extremely versatile because they only contain an image and basic text field component, which you can use to customize fully. To add a page or link to the folder section, just click into your section to choose the Sections button and choose Link or Page from the drop down menu.


Once again, Folders are great catch-all sections for anything else you might want to add in your app:

- Photo galleries
- Features
- City sites
- Rules

Folders are also great if you just want to add a page of content as its own section within your menu. The first step is to create the page with all of your content, then head to the Sections area of the product to create a Link section type.  This will give you a button within your menu that will take you to any URL. Once that has been added, just input the URL for the page you've created on the user's version of the app. 


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