How Do I Invite My Attendees To Register For My Event?


With EventMobi’s registration system, you can send out email campaigns to people who are in your contacts list.

Adding People To Your Contact List 
In your registration editor, select the Email Invites option to go to your contacts list. You can add individual contacts by clicking on the green “Add” button and filling in the form with their information.

Another way you can add contacts is through a bulk data import using our excel template.

  1. Click the “Import/Export” button.
  2. Select “Export Contacts” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Open the file and fill in the spreadsheet with all of your contacts’ information under the corresponding headings.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Click the “Import/Export” button again in the registration editor.
  6. Select “Import Contacts”, and select the file from your computer to upload.

Creating Your Email Campaign
In the Email Invites section, selecting the Invitations tab will switch the view show the email invitations you've already sent out. To send out a new email invitation, click Create Invitation.

1. Recipients
On this screen, you have the option to send the email invitation to your contacts who have not received an email yet, the contacts who have already been invited, or both groups at the same time.

2. Email Content
This is where you can enter the subject line and body message of your email. The Invitation Name field is only visible to you so that you can reference it in the email reports of your registration editor. You can also set the sender name that appears to your recipients.

3. Testing
The Email Content on the screen shows a preview, but you can also send a test email to yourself to see what it would look in your email client.

4. Review
This is the last screen for you to check your email content before you confirm and send it out for real!


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