What Sort Of Reporting Is Available With Eventmobi Registration?


Pre-Event Analytics
EventMobi provides all kinds of useful analytics before your event even begins, both pertaining to your event app and your registration site.

App Analytics 
You can find useful information about the usage leading up to your event under Analytics in the Reporting area of the Experience Manager. Here, you can see behavioural data collected from users who have logged in and are doing things on the app, along with data collected by Google Analytics about general activity on various pages and on the app in general.

Registration Site Analytics
We currently track when registrants have completed their registration and when they are checked-in by you. This information can be found within the Dashboard area of your Registration product in Experience.


In addition to this we capture information on your ticket sales, and on usage of any promo codes you have established, which can be accessed within the Tickets area under the Sales Analytics section. 



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