What is an Event Code?


Your Event Code is the part of your event app's URL that distinguishes your event app from others. A standard EventMobi URL will look like this: eventmobi.com/EVENTCODE. We recommend keeping your event code simple and easy for attendees to enter.

Our event codes are not case sensitive, so if you would like to advertise the event app as UPPERCASE, you may do so. Entering eventmobi.com/UPPERCASE will take you to the same app as eventmobi.com/uppercase.

If you are unsure of what event code you assigned during activation, you can review this information from the Event Details page of the Experience Manager. 




How Does My Event Code Work with the EventMobi App?

Your unique event code allows attendees to search for your event within the EventMobi app. Users who have already downloaded the app can input your unique event code to access your event information. 

To make the process of promoting your app even easier, we have also created a Smart Launch Page that is accessible using the URL eventmobi.com/app/youreventcodeThis page can detect which device type the attendee is using and automatically direct them to the version of the app that is supported. Attendees using Apple or Android devices will be directed to the relevant app store to download the Universal App, and will benefit from your event information launching automatically once it has downloaded. Attendees using device types that are not supported by the EventMobi app (Desktop, Blackberry and Windows devices) will be directed to the web based version of the app instead. 



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