What's The Best Way To Brand My Event Space?


There are tons of great places on the app to represent your brand or the brand of your sponsors. For a full break-down of all the opportunities, check out our Ultimate Guide to Event App Sponsorship. All the opportunities in the guide for sponsorship exposure also apply to your own branding, so don't be afraid to try them out. 

Home Screen
The most prominent space for your branding is on the Home screen of your app as this is where your attendees will land when they access it, and you can upload text, images, and dynamic widgets that can link to more information or sections within the app


Your image widgets come in different shapes and sizes too! Be sure to check out the recommended dimensions for each one.


Event App Icon
You can upload an event app icon by going to the Theme area of your Event App product in Experience. When attendees save your app to their phone or tablet, this will appear among their other apps and give them easy access to your app. This icon is also used to represent your event information when a user accesses it from the EventMobi app. 

The Event App Icon is a square image and the recommended dimensions are 114 pixels by 114 pixels.

Loading & Menu Image
The Loading & Menu Image appears while your app is loading and at the top of your Menu pane and can also be added from the Theme area of your Event App product. The recommended dimensions for this image are 300 pixels by 600 pixels. 


For more information on these and other images throughout your app, check out our image specifications breakdown in this FAQs article.

A great way to carry your branding throughout the app is to customize the app colors to reflect the colors in your logo. Just navigate to the Theme area of your Event App product, and select one of the preset themes. If none of the preset themes match your branding, you can instead use the color picker tool or enter specific hex codes. 





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