Theming your Registration Site


To edit your registration site go to and login with your EventMobi account credentials. Once you login, a list of all the registration sites you can edit will appear.  Once you select the one you would like to edit, select "Registration Sites" in the left hand menu and then select your app.  After you select your app click "Registration" in the left hand menu and open up the "Theme" tab.

Within your app theming options such as cover image, display options, event description, footer content and theme colours can be customized.  All of these options are outlined below with their purpose and how to edit them.

Cover Image
The cover image that you upload will appear at the top of your registration page.  To add a cover image to your registration page select "Upload Cover Image". Below you will see a preview of your image and on the right hand side a preview of your registration page layout will be displayed.


Display Options
Under the display options title you will be able to choose if you would like to show or hide various parts of your registration page.  The details you can hide include:

  • Event Title
  • Event Date
  • Event Location
  • Register Now Button
  • Event Map

Event Description
The event description field is used to give your registrants a summary of your event. The textbox has the option to use rich text features so you can customize details such as text colour, create bulleted/numbered lists, input html code, add photos and hyperlinks.

Footer Content
The footer content will appear on every page of your registration form.  Like the event description text box, you also have the ability to use rich text features here as well.

Theme Colours
In this section you will be able to use hex colour codes to customize various parts of your registration page. The sections you can customize are:

  • Brand Colour (This colour is used in navigation and links, and as an accent throughout your registration site).
  • Background
  • Secondary Background
  • Headline Text
  • Body Text
  • Button Text
  • Button Background

Once you change the hex colour code for any of these options, the corresponding elements will change colour to reflect your new hex code in the right hand page preview.


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