How Do I Access My Registration Site Editor?


  This article is for our new Experience Manager.

If you are an EventMobi customer and using your account is using our Classic Content Manager. If this is the case, please visit

The site that you will use to edit your registration site is If you do not have access to your registration site editor please contact Support so they can add you as an organizers.

Once you login with your EventMobi account, all available app registration sites you can edit will appear. Select the app you would like to edit, select your registration site and open "Registration" from the left hand menu under "Products. The "Registration" tab will now expand to show all available options for editing that you have on your registration site.


If you would like to view your registration page you can access it by going to Additionally you can click the "View Your Registration Site"  button found in the top right corner of various areas of your Registration manager. 


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