What Fields Can I Add To My Registration Site?


Within the "Form" section of your registration page editor you have the ability to add custom fields.  This can be done by selecting "Add Field to Form".


Within the "Add Field to Form" menu you will have the ability to name the field, select if this field is required or not and select the field type.  There are four field types you can choose from.  They are:

  • Text - Attendees will answer a short piece of text as a response.  Responses are limited to 1024 characters.
  • Select One - Attendees will select a response from a list of options you choose.
  • Select Multiple - Similar to "Select One' except attendees can choose multiple answers.
  • Dropdown - Attendees can make a selection from a drop down menu of options you choose.

You also have the option to add custom headings which can be done by selecting the "Add Heading" button beside "Add Field to Form".  You will be able to input a custom header name and description.



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