How Do I Setup The Confirmation Page And Email On My Registration Site?


Where do I edit my confirmation page and email?
To edit these parts of your registration site you will want to open the "Confirmation" tab in the left hand menu of your registration site editor at  From here you will see two tabs, "Confirmation Page" and "Confirmation Email".  

How do I create my confirmation page?
Your confirmation page will appear once a user has completed all steps of registration on your registration site.  This page will display a successful registration notice, an additional message as well as the ability for users to add the event to their calendar.

The text box for your confirmation page message is rich text capable so you are able to use any of the rich text formatting features such as hyperlinking, creating bulleted lists and bolding, underlining and italicizing text.   

On the right hand side of this page you will see a preview of the text you have added.

How do I create my confirmation email?
Your confirmation email will be sent to users once they complete the registration form.  This email can be designed in the "Confirmation Email" tab of the "Confirmation" menu.

Within this tab you will be able to edit the following content:

Email Content
Email Subject Line: 
Title of the confirmation email.

This message will appear towards the top of your email and can contain any rich formatted text.

Display Options (Toggle)
Various aspects of your confirmation email can be toggled on or off.  They include: 

Show event app link: 
We recommend that you only display this link when your app is ready.

Show attendee info: 
The user's details including First/Last name, email address and ticket type will be displayed.

Show form responses: 
This will show the responses users entered for your registration form questions.  You can find more details about registration site form fields in this article.

Show contact information: 
This will display your event support email which can be changed in the "Event Details" section of your registration site editor in the left hand menu.

To save the changes made to your Confirmation Email, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. A preview of your confirmation email will also appear in the right hand side of the page.  If you would like to send a test email, you can do this by clicking the "Send Test Email" at the bottom of the page beside "Save Changes" and inputting the email you would like to send the test to.


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