How Do I Display Questions And Responses To A Live Audience?


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atYou can display questions and their responses to your audience live using the live Results page for any question. This applies to session polls, event surveys and the Ask a Question feature; live results are not available for questions created under the Session Feedback Survey type.

You can also time and moderate your audience interactions. Hide questions until you're ready to reveal them or filter live results for relevance and propriety.

Live Polls
1. Access your Sessions Library and select the session containing your live poll.

2. Select the Live Poll tab within your session. 

3. Click on the Action option to choose Present from the menu that appears. 




Ask a Question
Ask a Question lets you collect questions and comments from your attendees that you can direct to your speaker or display on a large screen. The questions will also appear in the Ask a Question forum for any session, and you can moderate the questions in both the live Results page and on the app.

1. Access your Sessions Library and click on the relevant session.

2. Select the Ask a Question tab within your session. 

3. Choose the Present option to display the questions in order of the number of upvotes they have received.

Moderating Questions

1. Select the Moderate option within the Ask a Question tab of your session. 

2. Select the Hide option for any questions you do not wish to display on your results page, or the app. 

3. To display questions that are hidden, select the Show option under the Hidden Questions section of the page. 


Event Surveys
1. Access your Surveys library to find your event survey. 

2. Click on the Actions button applicable to the question you would like to display results for. 

3. Select Present from the menu that appears. 

Using Live Results Onsite
Live results pages will update in realtime as people are submitting their answers. The URL for each results page is all you need to give your presenter or A/V team to allow them to display the results live; they do not need access to the Content Manager. 

NOTE: Internet Explorer does not support realtime updates on the live Results page. We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. We also recommend that you run through your live polls before the session starts to make sure that everything is set up properly, and to ensure that your presenter has set up the transitions between the poll and other session elements correctly.

Live polls that include more than 6 options to select from will find "Other Options" included on the live results screen. This behavior is intended and acts in optimizing the clarity of the display. This option will include the totals for any other options grouped together, with the first 6 options displayed (based on the order in which they are shown on the form). 

Customize the Results Page Colors
1. Click on the question you wish to edit the results page for, and select the 
Customize Option Colors checkbox.

2. Pick a color, or enter a hex code for each poll question option. 

3. Check the Customize Results Page Colors checkbox to update the background and text colors as well.

Display the Results Page Onsite
1. Copy the URL from the Results page that pops up and provide it to your presenter or A/V team.

2. Select the Live icon at the bottom left hand corner to make the results page fullscreen. 

Moderate Open Text Results
Click on the Action option for your question, and select Moderate from the menu that appears. 

2. Copy the URL from the Moderate page that pops up and provide this to your moderator.

3. Hide or Show responses from view as needed. 

Clear Test Results
1. Access the library associated to your survey type. Live polls and Ask a Question will be accessed from Sessions, while Event Survey will be accessed from Surveys

2. Click into the relevant session or survey. Select Live Poll or Ask a Question if you have tested one of these survey types. 

3. Select the Actions button for each question you completed testing for, and choose the Clear Responses option in the menu.  

Hide, Close, and Disable Surveys
You may want to consider hiding or closing a poll to ensure that your sessions not only stay on track, but that you are also receiving your responses when they are most relevant. While hiding a survey allows you to release this information later on in your event, closing a question will allow you to present the information and simultaneously prevent responses from being submitted. 

Close and Hide Live Polls
1. Access the Sessions library, and select your session. 

2. Navigate to the Live Poll tab, and click on the Actions option. 

3. Select Close Question to Responses from the menu that appears. 

4. Select the Hide Poll Questions checkbox to hide your live poll survey on the app. 

Hide Event Surveys
1. Access the Surveys library to select the event survey you wish to hide. 

2. Enter the Settings tab, and select the Hide Survey checkbox 

3. Click on Save Survey.

Disable Ask a Question
1. Access the Sessions library, and select your session. 

2. Navigate to the Ask a Question tab, and deselect the Accept Questions checkbox.

Delete Surveys
Questions and surveys can be deleted when need be, however it is important to note that this will also delete all responses that are associated to them. If you want to delete a question that you no longer need, please be sure to download the results beforehand. 

Live Poll Questions
1. Access the Sessions library, and select your session. 

2. Navigate to the Live Poll tab, and click on the relevant question. 

3. Select the Delete Question option. 

4. Type in "DELETE" to confirm you wish to remove this question from your live poll. 

Event Surveys
1. Access the Surveys library, and select the event survey you wish to delete. 

2. Enter the Settings tab, and select Delete Survey.

3. Type in "DELETE" to confirm that you wish to remove this survey from the app. 





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