Can I Manage Payments Through EventMobi Registration?


EventMobi uses Stripe's Connect product to allow you to accept registration fees and payments through your registration site. You can offer multiple tickets and at any price (or for free if you want to offer a pay-later option). However, due to the vastly different tax requirements from province to province and state to state, you must include tax in your ticket prices.

Since all payments are held, processed, and transferred through Stripe, you can also use it to manage any refunds or adjustments. 

Stripe's Fees
Stripe takes 2.9% plus an additional 30 cents on every transaction. Consider the following example:

- You sell a ticket for $100.
- The user purchases this ticket and pays $100 exactly.
- Stripe will take 2.9% ($2.90) and a further 30¢, totalling $3.20.
- You will receive $96.80

If you want $100 from every ticket, you actually need to set the price to $103.30.
- 103.30 - 2.9% = $100.31
- 100.31 - 30¢ = $100.01

EventMobi currently does not charge any application or other fees for processing payments. 

Refunds and Disputes
EventMobi never comes into contact with the funds, which go through Stripe and are paid directly to you. As such, any disputes or refunds should be negotiated between you and the relevant registrant(s).

If you have refunded any tickets, please contact Support to let us know so we can delete them in the registration system.

What Cards And Currencies Do We Support?
Stripe accepts Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, and American Express and payments in the following currencies:

- American Dollar (USD) 
- Canadian Dollar (CAD)
- Australian Dollar (AUD) 
- British Pounds (GBP) 
- European Euro (EUR)

Make sure that all tickets are in the same currency.

​The bank associated with your Stripe account must support any currency you decide to use, and this usually depends on where they're located. You can find out more details about specific countries in this FAQ article on the Stripe website.

  • United States: All 5 currencies. Transactions in non-USD currencies will be converted to USD.
  • Canada: USD and CAD. Transactions are converted to CAD if your bank does not support USD.
  • Europe: All 5 currencies. Transactions if applicable, will have their currencies will be converted to EUR, GBP or USD. There are additional currencies for the nordic countries.
  • Australia: All 5 currencies. Transactions are converted to AUD.
  • Japan: Not supported.

Your bank must support the currency you're using. If it doesn't, the transaction will be declined.

Those with cards from other countries can use them, but will encounter a currency conversion for which they may be charged. 

Is It Secure?
You bet! EventMobi's registration system is PCI Level 1 compliant, which means that Stripe, our payment gateway, has been fully audited and certified with the highest level of compliance. For our part, SSL (a standard for encrypting data) is enabled within our registration system and all the information passing between EventMobi and Stripe is encrypted via HTTPS (which you might have seen preceding the web addresses of most online banking platforms).

What Information Do We Store? 
We only store the transaction number that we receive from Stripe, the total price and type of currency, and a record of any tickets purchased. We do not store any credit card or other payment information.

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