Why Doesn't the Back Button Bring Me Back to the Previous Page?

When navigating the Event Space, you will notice a few cases where using the Back button will not act in bringing you back to the previous page, but will instead direct you to the default area for the feature itself. 

When will the Back button direct to the default page instead of the previous page?

Session List: If there is at least one date with one session listed in the Agenda section, the Back button will act in directing you to the sessions list for today (if there is a session for today) or to the first date with at least one session.

If you are instead navigating to a session list for a specific date via direct URL then it is important to note that using the Back button will not result in redirecting to a different page. 

Personal Schedule: If the event includes more than one session date, then using the Back button will redirect the user to a page with All sessions listed.

If the event has only a single session date, then this will be the only one displayed within the Personal Schedule area. 

Messages Inbox: When accessed from a desktop, the Back button will act in redirecting the user to the first chat conversation.

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